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Attems-Saga: Die Jahreszeiten-Oper
Drei Tage mitten im Leben von 1750
Saturday, 29.06.2024 at 7:00 PM

Here you can book a ticket for a two-day event and choose your seat(s) for the second part in the Graz theatre.

Your performance of the Attems-Saga starts on Friday, June 28, as of 5 pm at Palais Attems.
Chamberlain Hippolyt is responsible for allocating the guests. You will receive a message in the next few days telling you when to arrive at Palais Attems.

As the palace is preparing for an imperial visit, you are invited to dress accordingly.

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€ 156.00
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€ 108.00
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€ 84.00
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€ 48.00
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€ 84.00
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